Slow Over Rates


Good morning everyone

I wish to again reiterate the need for all players to be aware that it is your responsibility to keep the game moving whilst we are in the field.

Whilst it is the responsibility of the Captain to be the driving force in regards to this, I want all our players pulling their weight in regards to hustling between overs to get to your nominated fielding positions.

Also make sure that you don’t spend too long in huddles after drinks breaks.

Another way to be ahead of the clock is to make sure we get back out after tea as soon as the umpires give us the nod.

I would be expecting all Captains to be speaking to umpires throughout the course of our fielding innings to find out if we are on track.

Let’s try to minimise any penalties that may accrue. I’d rather have the umpires on our side rather than against us. This is a Team/Club requirement and is a one in all in scenario. Always be thinking ahead.

Lets try and have 43 overs up by tea so we can slow down if we have to if a batting team gets away from us.

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