Thursday Training


Good evening lads.

With 28 at training on Tuesday night I am expecting a large turnout for training tomorrow.

I will be there from 4.30pm as I am aware some players have to leave early etc.

Tomorrow night will be a situation where our batting time will be considerably less.

Main bowlers are only to bowl for as long as they need just to top up.

We also have to be aware that we play Saturday and Sunday so I want US to be fresh to perform at our best.

Most players will be having a very short hit tomorrow.

See me if you think you need more.

As we spoke about on Tuesday I want every player to take a fair catching load tomorrow and I want that to be done in pairs or no more than groups of 3 during the course of training.

Group net training will finish tomorrow night at 6.45pm.

Train well
See you there tomorrow for our last tune up before Saturdays CONTEST.

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