Captaincy and Tactics Reminder for ALL players


Good morning lads

Please take the following reminder as a directive for the remainder of the season.

I’m using Team App for this because I rarely get to speak to all players at the same time.

In respect of All Captains of our Club it is the duty of ALL players to listen to Captains and understand that you are to abide by the Captains decisions as to our field settings etc.
The Captains decision is final in regards to all field positions and tactics that we will deploy for the rest of the season.
We have Vice Captains as well who are to support the Captains and between the two of them they will run the side.

If any players wish to have input into field placing or tactics I fully encourage this but the correct way to do this is with a quiet word to the respective skipper one on one. I don’t want any opposition hearing anything we say tactically. I also don’t want any players changing field settings. This is the job of the Captain.

I will also remind you of our Presidents request at a Club meeting prior to the start of the season which was clear.
He said he wants us to be highly competitive and revered by other clubs as hard and uncompromising competitors on the ground. Part of this includes having one person to make the decisions with the discreet help or advice taken from other invested TEAM members.

Good luck for the rest of the season as we keep training to achieve our goals.

Thank you
Enjoy the rest of your day

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